Welcome To Pierson Vocational High School

 Success Now for a Beneficial Future



Pierson Vocational High School is a student centered option that supports and embraces the diverse needs of students by providing an alternative method of delivering instruction and monitoring academic success.  Our rigourous curriculum based on differentiated instructin and technology, intervention programs, extended learning oppertunities, compentency based learning, and safe school environment are characteristics of Alternative Education Programs. 




On behalf of the faculty and staff, we welcome you to Pierson Vocational High School (PVHS).  Your time here can be of great value to you now as well as in the future.  A positive attitude, desire to learn and acceptance of responsibility will be major factors in your personal success in education. We look forward to assisting you in fulfilling your educational goals. 


Please look at this web site if you ever feel that you have been a victim of bullying. http://www.pacerteensagainstbullying.org/#/home


2013-2014 Pierson Vocational High School

Principal- Joel Kramer



Dora Valencia (ESL, Spanish, Reading)


Brad Beach (Science)   


Suma Udumula (Math)


Maria Neuman  (Social Studies


Maureen Brewington(Counselor)


Sandra Canchola (YTP)


Usha Mugada  Math


Lisa Calza(English )


Robert Robles (Print Shop)


Irma Fontes (NUSD CTE Director)


Michael Inzunza (CTE Business/ Print Shop)


Irene Salazar  (CTE C.N.A.)


Chris Miranda (CTE Computers)


Hector Lopez (Security Officer)


Denise Valenzuela (Medical)


Rosalinda Norzargary (Principal's Assitant)


Ruben Reyes (IT Specialist)


Sandra Trujilo (Transition)


 Miriam Mendez-Ortega(Transtion)


Jesus Covarrubias and Alma Vasquez are the Custodial Staff.



  1. 7:40-8:35 
  2. 8:37-9:32 
  3. 9:35-10:30 
  4. 10:33-11:28 

       Lunch    11:30-11:58 

      5. 12:00-12:55 

      6. 12:58-1:53


Tutoring  will be until 3:30 or Saturdays.  

Early Release Wednesdays

7:40-8:15                                           1st

8:17-8:55                                           2nd

8:57-9:25                                           3rd

9:28-10:00                                         4th

10:00-10:30                                      Lunch

10:35-11:05                                      5th

11:07-11:35                                      6th

11:37:12:10                                      7th

12:15- 3:30                                        In-Service





Our program is open-entry/open exit.  The curriculum has been designed for self-paced, teacher-directed student programs and is aligned to state standards and district standards.  We are NCA/CASI certified school, meaning if you graduate from PVHS

You may attend ASU, U of A or NAU, Technical Colleges, or 2 year Colleges if you please.  


You may get credit if you do the following:

Work Study:  Students may receive a maximum of 2 credits for work study per school year.  A full credit consists of 180 hours of work, which must be completed during the school year, and verified by pay slips. 

All of our classes are based on technology, web based with School web lockers and we offer extra school time on Saturdays. We are also able to offer on-line classes that are competency based, earn high school credit, not having to attend school to earn credit, and some of the classes are dual college credit.  There are some guidlines to participating in this program, so please see the principal for more details.


Internet and Computers

All students who would like to use a laptop must have the permission slipped signed by your teacher, the principal and yourself.  Once this is complete you will be given a laptop, so you may access the internet.  All district policies apply to your internet use, and if you violate the polices you will lose your privileges. All classrooms will have at least 24 computers, Promethean Boards, we are a wireless campus, and we have 20 laptops for students to check out for education improvements in AIMS or credit recovery.  Check out:  My Big Campus, Net Treckker, Discovery Web Streaming, Educational Options, USA Test Prep, and Achieve 300. These are some of the web-based sites we use for your academic success.


PVHS is a school unlike schools around us, yet we are a school of technology, that will help you in the future.


Graduation Requirement – High School


English                                                                      4

Reading                                                                    1

Mathematics                                                             4

Science                                                                     3

US/AZ Government/FE                                            1

US/AZ History                                                           1

World History/Geography                                        1

Spanish                                                                     1

Physical Education/Health                                       1

Vocational/Computer Class                                    1

Careers Class________________________          0.5__


Required Courses                                                16.5

Elective Courses                                                     5.5

Required Credits                                                     22


All Students will be required to take extra reading, writing, or math courses if they have not passed AIMS in that area.  Students must pass the AIMS reading, writing, and mathematics tests in order to graduate from PVHS.





The requirements for community college/university entrance differ with the various colleges/universities and are constantly being changed.  Students, therefore, are urged to be aware of the entrance requirements of the college/university they plan to attend upon graduation from high school.  This information may be obtained directly from the college/university the student has in mind or our counselor.




Pierson Vocational High School Individual Studies


Individualized Studies (IS) with a basis of Differentiated Instruction is a student-driven way to learn, offered to grades 9-12 at Pierson Vocational High School. The ownership of the learning rests on the student’s shoulders. The phrase, "Tell me what I need to do to earn credit," has some meaning in IS. The IS response to that phrase is, "You tell us what you want to do. If together we decide that the idea has merit, then you can take that idea and create something that is credit-worthy." Having that kind of control over one’s own learning means two things: 1) the student has more responsibility, which can be a little scary, however; 2) the student has more power to choose the style of learning that fits her/him best and the subject of the learning that fits her/his interests, which can be rewarding and even fun.

The mission of Individualized Studies is to provide an opportunity for our students to design his/her own custom-built learning activity (which could include community-based learning activities). In addition, IS strives to provide the guidance, encouragement and support needed to make that custom-built learning activity both rewarding to the student and worthy of the direction we are going to improve our education through the use of AIMS scores and Differenated instruction.

Our expectations do not change with IS. In order to earn credit, the student must reach the high standards we ask of all of our students, as with any PVHS learning opportunity. In order for the student to get approval for an IS activity, he/she has to show that his/her plan will reach those same high standards.


All learning activities are aligned with Arizona Framework. Simply by completing the entire enrollment process (setting personally relevant - i.e., interest-based - learning goals and completing a proposal for a learning activity), the student is addressing, meeting, and creating evidence of meeting standards that we as a staff are striving to maintain with our DI goals. For students who need additional structure for constructing a learning activity, a Standards-Based Unit of Study has been created (using those same two standards) for those students to complete. The culminating activity of this unit is final approval of the student’s proposal. In essence, it’s a standards-based unit about how to create a standards-based unit!